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Anne Of Green Gables
by Lucy Maud Montgomery

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Anne of Green Gables was a great book! It showed that it is ok to be yourself. It is also a book that everyone can read, young or old!

Little Woman
by Louisa May Alcott

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The Little Woman I read was the full book! This book was a great book! There is many words that you may not know but, once you read the whole sentence you can probably figure it out! Other than that I think this book is quite amazing! One of my favorites too!

The Hunger Games Book 1
by Suzanne Collins

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The book was great! It was a little violent. But, nothing that would give you nightmares. It starts off with a girl named Katniss! She is very poor and where she lives there are 12 different districts and she is from district 12! Her district is very poor! And every year they have a battle to the death between all the districts! They pick one girl and one boy from each district. So it is time to go and Katniss's sister is now old enough to put her name in. And they pick for the girls and the name is... Hope you decide to read this GREAT book! It has a lot of tense parts! And it is a page flipper, I can tell you that!

Friday's Child
by Georgette Heyer

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Although usually a great fan of Georgette Heyer, I struggled with this one. Both main characters were extremely immature, especially the hero. Though they learned a few lessons by the end, it was not enough to redeem the vapidness of the preceding pages.

You Loves Ewe
by Cece Bell

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Its funny. So ewe and you sound the same. Its confusing but fun

Daughter Of Rome
by Tessa Afshar

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Though rather slow in parts, this book did a good job bringing to life the world of the early Christians, and an imaginative interpretation of the lives of Priscilla and Aquila.

Ms Spell
by Ethan Long

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Cute ideas on how to spell words

James And The Giant Peach
by Dahl

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I love this book

Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library
by Chris Grabenstein

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One of my sons loved that the book was about children close to his age playing a real life version of a board game. My other son enjoyed the games and humor in the book. I liked that this was something we could read as a family that prompted discussions about other authors and books

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child
by Jk Rowling

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I give it a five because I couldn’t put in down it was incredible and when I finished I wanted more. I wish it was a movie and the play would come to Ohio.

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