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A Little Taste Of Poison
by R.j. Anderson

An excellent companion to A Pocket Full of Murder with the same adventure, mystery, and a little bit of romance.

A Pocket Full Of Murder
by R.j. Anderson

A very Thrilling book. Mixed with mystery, adventure, and even a little bit of romance.

by Catherine Marshall

A very good book showing how much love can do and the determination of a girl.

The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes
by Suzanne Collins

3.5 Stars

That’s of being normal
by Lisa Williamso

An empathetic emotional roller coaster covering both Kate(David) and Leo’s point of view. If only life was as simple, but alas even though our struggles are real we are never going to know the end like we live in an eloquently written novella, in other word it was one of my favorite books ever.

The Hunger Games Book 1
by Suzanne Collins

The book was great! It was a little violent. But, nothing that would give you nightmares. It starts off with a girl named Katniss! She is very poor and where she lives there are 12 different districts and she is from district 12! Her district is very poor! And every year they have a battle to the death between all the districts! They pick one girl and one boy from each district. So it is time to go and Katniss's sister is now old enough to put her name in. And they pick for the girls and the name is... Hope you decide to read this GREAT book! It has a lot of tense parts! And it is a page flipper, I can tell you that!

Little Woman
by Louisa May Alcott

The Little Woman I read was the full book! This book was a great book! There is many words that you may not know but, once you read the whole sentence you can probably figure it out! Other than that I think this book is quite amazing! One of my favorites too!

Toad And Frog Books Collection
by Arnold Lobel

Great stories

Lincoln's Grave Robbers By Steve Sheinkin
by Steve Sheinkin

This is such an interesting account of a unique time in our history of the US!!!! The thought of these criminals trying to steal Lincoln's Body to get their friend out of prison so he could make more counterfeit money is so bizarre. And following how the dedicated ground's keeper tried to protect it is interesting!

Mary Cassatt
by Mike Venezia Artist Books

Venezia's artist books are so creatively done that you do not realize you are learning as you delightedly work your way through it! My boys love the conversation balloons on the pictures!
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